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Final thesis calendar



2020-2021 (Q2)


2021-2022 (Q1)


2021-2022 (Q2)

Extended callOrdinary call
Ordinary call


(1) Thesis Registration option is only available at e-Secretaria when the student meets the requirement about passed ECTS according to the academic regulations.

(2) The document signed by the project director must be handed to the academic management unit.

(3) The administrative (e-Secretariat) and documentary submission are totally mandatory (ATENEA-TFE)  to consider the Thesis duly deposited.

(4) In the extended enrolment, student are requires to pay the administrative services. They will be automatically generated in the at e-Secretaria (forms and payments)

Registration:  e-Secretaria(1)

All over the year


From 17th to 22th June 2021

From 1st to 8th October 2021

 From 17th to 21th January 2022

From 2nd to 6th May 2022

From 16th to 22th June 2022

Ordinary enrolment
July 2021 February 2022
Amendment registration data Until 11th January 2022 Until 27th May 2022
Request for confidentiality  (2) Until 11th January 2022

Until 27th May 2022

Ordinary online submission(3)


12th to 17th January 2022 (until 23.30h)

2nd to 15th June 2022 (until 23.30 h)


Validation by the professor responsible for the Thesis : Atenea-TFE

Until 20th January 2022

Until 21st June 2022

Ordinary defence
24th January to 4th February 2022

27th June to 8th July 2022

Extended enrolment request (e-secretaria/requests) 3rd to 16th June 2021 7th to 16th January 2022 2nd to 15th June 2022
Extended enrolment(4) 23rd September 2021 22nd February 2022 23rd September 2022
Confidentially agreement request (extended call) (2) Until  23rd September 2021 Until 22nd April 2022 Until 23rd September 2022

Extended submission on-line(3)


From 27th September to  30th September 2021 (until 23.30h) 25th April to 2nd May 2022 (until 23.30h) From 26th to 29th September 2022 (until 23.30h)
Validation by the professor responsible for the Thesis : Atenea-TFE 5th October 2021 Until 5th May 2022 Until 5th October 2022
Extended defence
11th to 29th October 2021 9th to 31st May 2022

10th to 31th October 2022