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Examination committee

Appointment and notification

    • For presentations and defences in each designated period, examiners and substitutes will be appointed by the Office of the Assistant Director of Studies.
    • The Academic Area will notify examiners and the students concerned of appointments. The chair must then convene the committee at a date and time agreed by the examiners, the student concerned, the thesis supervisor and the internal examiner (if applicable).
    • Once a final thesis has been validated, examiners will have access to the final thesis via ATENEA-TFE. Any incidents should be reported by e-mail to

Characteristics of examination committee

  • Examination committees(1)  will be made up of three members selected from among academic staff assigned to the Barcelona East School of Engineering (EEBE).
      • Committees will be chaired by an academic staff member assigned to the EEBE who belongs to the same department as the supervisor of the final thesis to be assessed.
      • The supervisor of the final thesis will act as secretary.
      • Examination committees will include an ordinary member selected from among academic staff who belong to a different EEBE department than the supervisor of the thesis to be assessed.
  • A substitute member must be appointed for the role of member.
  • In the case of the Master's degree in Interdisciplinary and Innovative Engineering, given its nature, the chair and the secretary of the examination committee may be from different departments..
  • In the case of bachelor's or master's theses completed by two or more students working together, all of the students involved will be assessed by the same examination committee in the same session.
(1)  N.B.:

Examiners and substitutes appointed to assess a final thesis that is subject to confidentiality restrictions must keep any information they have access to (technical or of any other kind) strictly confidential.

  • Members who are appointed but end up not serving on the examination committee must return a completed and digitally signed examination indcommitee confidentialy agreement (individual agreement). If you do not have a digital signature, send the unsigned document. In this case, the document will need to be signed when on-site activity resumes.

  • Members who serve on the final thesis examination committee: Examiners will accept the confidentiality agreement by signing a joint confidentiality statement, which will be submitted by the secretary of the examination committee together with the official thesis examination results.

Functions of the examination committee chair

  • Convene the committee at a date and time agreed by all of the examiners, the student concerned, the thesis supervisor and the internal examiner (if applicable).
  • Inform Academic Management of the details of the defence at least 48 hours before the assessment.
  • Report any issues related to the composition of the examination committee to Academic Management (by writing to:
  • Once the other examiners have been heard, decide whether other people will be admitted to the thesis defence, taking into account any confidentiality restrictions that apply. If other people are admitted, the chair may expel any attendees who do not conduct themselves in a respectful manner.

 For any queries: please contact the EEBE's assistant director of Studies.


Functions of the secretary of the examination committee

  • To digitally submit the official assessment results for the final thesis (1):

    • Information:

      • Mark for the final thesis (2)

      • Proposal to award a distinction (if applicable).(2)

      • If the final thesis is confidential, the following text must be added to the visible comments section ("Observacions visibles a l'acta"): "This final thesis is subject to confidentiality obligations. By signing these results, the members of the examination committee accept and undertake to maintain in the utmost confidentiality all the information, whether technical or otherwise, that they receive from or are provided with by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in relation to this thesis until the date on which the confidentiality obligations end."

    • Application: Prisma-Nou“Projects” - "TFE assesment" section

(1)   Supporting documents (rubric) or the link to download them are sent by the EEBE's Academic Management with the notification of the appointment of the examination committee members.

(2)  The justification of the proposal for a distinction must not exceed 2000 characters.


Once the final thesis has been awarded a mark in the application, the members of the examination committee will be notified so that they can digitally sign the assessment results in the UPC's electronic signature book. The document must be signed in the pre-established order (1st: chair; 2nd: ordinary member; 3rd: secretary). When all the members have signed it, the mark will be transferred to the student's academic record.


For any queries: please contact the EEBE's assistant director of Studies.