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How to arrive

Barcelona East School of Engineering

Campus Diagonal Besòs,
Building A (EEBE)
Avda. Eduard Maristany, 16
08019 Barcelona

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The Diagonal-Besòs Campus has good communications with Sant Adrià del Besòs, Barcelona and its metropolitan area.

On-campus traffic is only allowed for pedestrians.

The outdoor spaces of the campus are open to the public all working days, from 8 am to 9 pm, except for the closing periods of the university during the month of August and Christmas.

To arrive to EEBE





T4.*Campus Diagonal-Besòs


* stop/station

Tramway stop "Campus Diagonal-Besòs" is located at one of the Campus entries.
Train station "Sant Adrià del Besòs" is 10 minuts walking (2 minuts by tramway).


  • 7 *Diagonal-Plaça Llevant (3347)
  • 136 *Metro Maresme Forum (1090)
  • B20 *Av. Diagonal - Rambla de Prim (2258)
  • B23 *Francesc de Borja Moll-Rbla. Prim (9517)
  • H16 *Sant Ramon de Penyafort - Ronda del Litoral (3594)
  • V31 *Metro Maresme Forum (1090)
  • V33 *Sant Ramon de Penyafort - Ronda del Litoral  (3594)


Bicing: 160.*Eduard Maristany, 1

- vadeBike : Free and secure in-campus parking for UPC community (in front of buildings A and C). Registration required


R1.*Sant Adrià del Besòs

Private vehicles

  • Parking for motocycles and bicycles at the main entrance of the Campus (C/Sant Ramon de Penyafort)

  • Parking BSM (pay parking) next to the Torre de Telefònica