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Online submission: thesis supervisors

Validation procedure for online submission

Validation of final theses

Application: ATENEA-TFE, “Submission” section

Purpose: to allow examiners to access a student's final thesis 


Observation: The student, in order to deposit the TFE, has previously marked with a tick the sentence: "I hereby declare that the thesis is an original work and that the sources consulted are cited in the references section".

Minimum recommended time before defence: 72 hours

Reference: EEBE Final Thesis Regulations, section 6.4.

Application for a thesis to be declared confidential

Information about the procedure: To request that a final thesis be treated as confidential because it is linked to a potential patent application or a later publication associated with the research field or because it is subject to specific confidentiality clauses established by the company at which the work is carried out.

Where to submit: Atenea-tfe

Person responsible for applying (may be):

  • The student when does the documental submission; (it needs the acceptance/rejection by the thesis supervisor when it is validating the submission documents)
  • The final thesis supervisor

Document: application for academic works to be declared confidential


N.B. - DEADLINE:before the end of the submission period for each thesis defence period. See the academic calendar.


Additional enrollment

Who must apply:  the student (the supervisor of the final thesis have to do nothing).


Objective: to allow the student to have additional time to complete the work developed since the moment of the ordinary enrolment to a period called “additional call”, paying only the amount corresponding to fees for administrative services


Further information

PLEASE NOTE:  If there is a Project change, is not possible to do the additional erollment.