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The curriculum EEBE includes 4 ECTS credits for semeter (C1, C2 and C3).

Choosing a language in the first year basically depends on the destination chosen for the second year, so students who wish to go to Saarland must choose German, those who wish to go to Luleå must choose English and those who wish to go to Lorraine must choose French. For second-year students, there are no restrictions among the languages used in the consortium (German, French, English and Spanish).

The UPC does not have its own structure for language learning, so students must choose other institutions with which the UPC has agreements to take these credits. These institutions are the University of Barcelona (UB), through its  School of Modern Languages, and the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), through its language school Idiomas UPF. The process of registration, level placement and enrolment is the responsibility of the student, but the enrolment fee is paid for by the programme. Students are advised to choose courses taught in the morning so that they do not to overlap with the master's degree courses, which are mostly taught in the afternoon.

The credits taken and passed on language courses are later included in the student's academic record without a numerical mark.