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Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions received at the International Relations Office. If you don't find the answer to your question, please contact us.

About the agreements

  • My university has no agreement with EEBE. Could I make the application as an exchange student?

No, it is not possible. If there is no specific bilateral agreement with our EEBE school, you cannot apply for an exchange, even if your university has an exchange agreement with another UPC school.

Otherwise, you can apply as a visiting student. Check the regulations on this modality here. The tuition fees for bachelor studies are €148/ECTS approx.

About academic offer

  • Can I mix subjects from different fields of study? 

Yes, it is possible. Choose any subject from our academic offer taking into account the study guide of the subject as well as the academic requirements demanded for each subject.

On the other hand, it is not possible to take Master's subjects if you are a Bachelor's student (unless expressly specified in the subject).

  • How I must proceed if I want to take a project? 

First check the project proposals available on our website and contact the tutor you are most interested in or send your project proposal to one of the EEBE research groups. Once you have the acceptance of a supervisor, you can apply online within the established deadline and you must include the title of the project and the name of your supervisor in the Learning Agreement.

  • How I fill in the Learning Agreement? 

Before uploading the Learning Agreement in the application, it must be validated and signed by your home university in accordance with the course offer for exchange students.

  • When will I know the timetable of my chosen subjects? 

The timetable is published on the website in July (autumn semester) and February (spring semester).

About the application online

  • I am trying to apply online but EEBE is not displayed in the in the drop-down list.

 First of all, pay attention to the list of UPC schools that appear in the drop-down list. If EEBE does not appear on the list, it is because we are not in the application period. Please, check the admission dates for each semester on the website.

  • If I have selected another UPC school by mistake, Could you see my application or consider it valid?

 No. The UPC is a very decentralised university and each school manages the admission process, number of places, requirements and documents. It will not be possible for us to track your application or validate it.

  • I can't see the button to submit my application online, what's wrong?

 Please, make sure that you have completed all fields of the application and uploaded all documents. Until you have completed the application, you will not see the button to submit it.

About the required documents 

  • Do I need an official B1 language certificate?

You can either upload a certificate issued by an official institution or a statement from your university that your level is B1 or higher.

  •  Do I need a B1 certificate in Spanish if I only want to take subjects in English?

No, if you want to take subjects in English you only have to submit the B1 certificate in English and vice versa. Only if you want to take subjects in both languages, you will have to submit both certificates.

  •  What happens if I don't upload the "responsible insurance statement" with the rest of the documentation? 

As with all other documentation, we will not consider your application if it does not include this document.

 About the status of the application 

  • What are the different statuses of my application?
    • In progress (pending submission): You are making your application and there are fields to complete before it is submitted. Until it is complete and all documentation is uploaded, the submit button will not appear. Please submit the application once you have uploaded all the documents.
    • Sent: Your application has been sent. It will be reviewed by the international relations office shortly.
    • Rejected: Sorry, your application has not been accepted. Please, check the reasons why we cannot accept it. 
    • Accepted: Congratulations, we will process your admission as an exchange student at EEBE. You will receive an email and useful information before at your arrival. 

 About my admission

  • You have not reached me since I applied, when will I be accepted?  

Confirmation of admission will not be sent until we have validated all the applications after the deadline, never before. This could take up to a month. First, the status of your application will change to confirmed and then to rejected or accepted.

  •  What happens if I want to change my Learning Agreement after I have been accepted?

You will be able to change your Learning Agreement if your university, previously, authorises the change and signs your new proposal. Please, let us know of the change and submit the new document.