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Logo de l'Escola d'Enginyeria de Barcelona Est

Nom de l'empresa

Bunge Ibérica S.A.U.


Indústria química (altres)



Núm. Id. Fiscal


Persona de contacte

Andrea Hurtado



Telèfon 2


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Moll de l´Oest S/N





Departament de l'empresa

Process development Engineer

Funcions a desenvolupar


Bunge has an exciting opportunity available for a Young Engineer. We want to teach you in the different views of the production system. We are looking for someone like you!


Being part of the Industry 4.0 project that will be carried out at the Cartagena plant. Gaining a solid foundation in these types of projects through hands-on experience and unique learning opportunities, you will learn about the different aspects of Industry 4. At the same time you will understand our business.
As an organization we are committed to developing the next generation using different new systems. We are encouraging the new wave of Industry 4.0. If you want to make the change, be encouraged to step outside your comfort zone and learn all the different parts of an Industry

What you will do?

• Analyze and define mechatronics and IoT architectures/protocols for projects implementation.
• Integrate hardware solutions with software solutions enabling data collection and storage.
• Participate in pre-engineering and detailed design phases – bringing a mechatronics and IoT expertise.
• Implement mechatronics and IoT solutions.
• Support Industry 4.0, engineering and automation teams in site inspection/assessment and data collection.
• Support Industry 4.0 leader at the site to set ambitious and clear product vision and communicate it effectively to stakeholders, the team, and the rest of the unit.
• Collaborate with stakeholders to ensure digital vision and products align within team strategy and requirements.
• Support Industry 4.0 leader to maintain a backlog of 3 to 4 sprints ahead of the team.


Titulació cursant

Grau en Enginyeria Elèctrica, Grau en Enginyeria Electrònica Industrial i Automàtica, Grau en Enginyeria Mecànica, Grau en Enginyeria Química, Doble titulació grau en Enginyeria Electrònica, Industrial i Automàtica / grau en Enginyeria Mecànica

Coneixements i Idiomes requerits


• Background: Engineering, Automation, Computer Science.
• Fluent in Spanish and advanced English.
• Proven knowledge of standard concepts, practices, and procedures within the relevant industry.
• Proven knowledge and understanding of standard precision practices, technology and supporting industry principles.
• Knowledge Tools: Microsoft Office package, Java or C++ would be appreciated.
• Collaborator with cross functional teams from tech, design, and business.
• Good communication skills with comfort in speaking with business stakeholders.


Durada de la pràctica

12 mesos



Preu por hora


Nombre d'estudiants


Data final de publicació de l'oferta

31/12/2022 18:00

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