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General Requirements

  • Being enrolled during the traineeship period at EEBE.
  • Have passed 120 ECTS in case of Degree.
  • Have an academic performance parameter, in case of the Degree, a minimum of 0.60 in the period prior to the application of the traineeship. To extend the practice period, this performance parameter must be maintained. In case of Master, the Academic Committee of Master's Degree, may establish limitations or refuse to carry out extracurricular external practices based on academic performance.
  • Have a school insurance while the agreement is in force. If you are under 28 years old you are already included in the registration. If you are over 28 years old or want to make an international agreement, you must complete  a private insurance, for this purpose, the UPC has signed an agreement with the CONFIDE Insurance Corridor. Currently, the school insurance covers periods of one year ranging from September 16 until September 15 of the following year. Regarding Social Security, the student will provide his affiliation number to the Company, in order to be discharged.
  • Do not have a contractual relationship with the company in which the traineeship are carried out.
  • The student can complete a maximum of 900 hours per course. The Bachelor's student can complete a maximum of 1800 hours for the entire degree, and the Master's student, 1200 hours.

PLEASE BEAR IN MIND THAT: Any change with respect to the initial agreement (timetable, dates, number of hours, etc.) must be notified and the amendment of the agreement must be processed.