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Traineeship programs

Curricular Traineeship

  • Academic activities that are part of the syllabus, have the same consideration as any other subject of the university.
  • They are optional (except in case of the Degree in Biomedical Engineering).
  • In the degree cases, the reconigtion is 12 ECTS (360h).
  • In the cases of Master:
  • Students who have a placement from a higher training cycle (CFGS) validated may enrol up to 12 elective ECTS credits for external placements.
  • Should be registered a priori, they have assigned an academic tutor and a tutor of the collaborating entity, they are evaluated and qualified.
  • They must be linked to the training contents of the syllabus.

Extracurriculars Traineeship

  • They have the same conditions as the curricular traineeship, but they are not part of the syllabus either of their academic record. They are incorporated into the European Title Supplement.
  • Extracurricular traineeship can not be recognized for curricular traineeship.
  • The student will have to make the decision when applying for the internship.

Linked Traineeship TFG/TFM

Traineeship at UPC

  • They will always be curricular, in case of 12 optional subjects (360h), in case of Master, they can be 12 or 18 credits (360h-540h). They must be paid placements. Hours and student financial aid are
    calculated as follows:
    • 5 hours per week: €175 gross per month, 10 hours per week: €350 gross per month, 15 hours per week: €525 gross per month, 20 hours per week: €700 gross per month.
  • They must be tutored by a member (professor / researcher) of the basic unit, and validated by the coordinator of the degree that will be the academic tutor of the traineeship at the same time.
  • The School may exceptionally exempt compulsory curricular placements, as defined in the degree's validation report, from student financial aid.
  • The monitoring and evaluation will follow the same procedure as any other traineeship.

Traineeship to School Projects (EEBE)

Pending update.