Enrolment and thesis' following

Preliminary information

  • Individual work towards a final thesis should represent a study load of 25 hours per ECTS credit.
  • Students should plan their work process carefully to ensure that deadlines are met.
  • It is important to monitor the development of the final thesis with the professor who is supervising it.
  • When a student enrols for the final thesis in a particular semester, they must deposit and defend their thesis in one of the periods established for that semester (the ordinary session or the extension session). Otherwise, the student will be assigned a mark of "Absent" for the final thesis and will have to complete a new thesis registration and a new ordinary enrolment. In such cases, students will have to pay a surcharge for retaking the thesis. 
  • If the subject of the thesis changes, extended enrolment may not be requested.


Academic requirements: 
  • Maximum number of ECTS credits yet to be successfully completed: 36 (including final thesis credits).
    • Exception 1: If a student's academic record indicates that they are enrolled for ECTS credits for which they have not yet been assessed, whether for external academic placements, periods of mobility, or in relation to credit recognition.
    • Exception 2: If a student's academic record indicates that they have a maximum of 42 ECTS credits yet to be successfully completed and the student has applied to increase the number of credits for which they will enrol (to 42).
Teaching requirements: The student's final thesis registration must have been approved by the thesis supervisor (final thesis status = "Registered and accepted").

Enrolment procedure

Where to apply: e-Secretaria“Enrolmentsection

Deadline: Within the established enrolment periods. More information: See the Final thesis calendar.

Objective: To enable students to be assessed and assigned a mark for their final thesis in the semester in which they enrol for it.

Monitoring of the final thesis

To ensure that the process of a producing a final thesis goes smoothly, it is important to:

Keep in touch with the thesis supervisor (a UPC professor) so that work on the final thesis can be monitored.

Agree on the content of the final thesis with the thesis supervisor (a UPC professor) before it is deposited. For the thesis to be deposited, all of the documents must have been validated by the supervisor.

Check all the information on the website so that the deposit procedure is done correctly and the student is summoned to the final thesis defence.

Thesis' following

In order to achieve a good development of the Final thesis, it's important:

  • To maintain contact with the UPC thesis' supervisor to monitor the thesis. 

  • To agree the Final thesis' content with the thesis' supervisor before submitting it. In order to be able to present it, the supervisor must validate the documentation deposited.

  • To review web's information in order to well do the submission and  be able to be called to the thesis defence

 Additional enrolment

Definition:  A procedure to extend the deadline for depositing and defending a final thesis for which a student has enrolled in a particular semester. Students granted an extension will be able to deposit and defend their thesis during a period called the “extension session” (Convocatòria additional in Catalan).

Objective: To provide additional time for students to finish a thesis that they enrolled for in the ordinary period. Students granted an extension are only required to pay fees for administrative services.

Information about the procedure:

  • Procedure: Additional enrolment for the final thesis
  • Person responsible for applyingThe student
  • Application deadline: See the final thesis calendar
  • Generation of fees: Automatic in the period indicated on the final thesis calendar.


  • If the subject of the thesis changes, extended enrolment may not be requested.