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Prior information

  • Personal work of a student associated to the development of TFE is the one corresponding to 25 hours per ECTS
  • It’s recommended to plan the development of the work well to reach the target within the timetable set. 
  • The enrolment of the TFE in a semester links the student to the obligation to deposit and defend the work in one of the periods established for that semester (ordinary call or additional call). Otherwise, the TFE is assessed as “not assessed”, having to make a new TFE enrolment with the corresponding surcharge for repetition. 
  • If there is a Project change, is not possible to do the additional erollment.


Academic requirements: 
  • To have a maximum of 36 ECTS left to end up your studies (including the TFE ECTS).
    • Exception 1:  academic records with enrolled ECTS pending evaluation corresponding to external intenships, mobility stays or credit recognition.s
    • Exception 2: academic records with up to a máximum of 42 ECTS pending approval, if the extension of the number of credits to be enrolled is requested (=42) 
  • Linked TFE: Students must enrol the final thesis in the same semester and must defend it at the same time.
Teaching requirements: that the TFE has been previously validated by the director (TFE status="enrolled and accepted")

Enrollment procedure

Aplication: e-Secretaria, section “enrollment

Deadline: in enrollment periods. Further information: TFE calendar.

Objective: Be entitled to TFE assessment and qualification in the quadrimester of enrolment.

 Additional enrollment

Definition:  procedure that leads to an extension of the deadline for the submission and defense of the Final thesis enrolled in a semester up to a period called “additional call”.

Objective: to allow the student to have additional time to complete the work developed since the moment of the ordinary enrolment, paying only the amount corresponding to fees for administrative services

Procedure information:

  • Procediment: Final thesis additional enrolment procedure
  • Responsable de la sol·licitudThe student
  • Termini sol·licitudTFE calendar
  • Fee generation: automatic within the deadline set in the TFE calendar.


  • If there is a Project change, is not possible to do the additional erollment.