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Online submission: students

Online submission procedure

Both submission procedures must be completed for a final thesis to be considered submitted.

Administrative submission

Application: e-Secretaria“Theses” section

Objective: to fill in the form with the details for the thesis. The details that must be provided include the following:

  • Language of documents/defence.
  • Other details concerning the final thesis.
  • Type of dissemination: the EEBE uses only Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs (CC BY-NC-ND) licenses. Students must authorise dissemination of their final thesis unless it is subject to confidentiality restrictions.


  • No files can be attached in the e-Secretaria.
  • Bachelor’s theses that are intended to demonstrate a student's achievement of proficiency in a foreign language must be written and presented in that language.

Archiving of theses

  • Theses are deposited in UPCommons in open access. Authors can indicate (if appropriate) a Creative Commons licence and state the conditions of use of their work that they authorise. 
  • Open-access publishing of theses in UPCommons does not imply the transfer of their exploitation rights to the UPC. 
  • Authors may object to their thesis being accessed, consulted or lent when their rights to privacy, honour and/or image are infringed upon or when documentary proof can be provided that confidentiality obligations they have taken on have been violated. Further information.

Submission of documents

Application: ATENEA-TFE, “Submission” section

Objective: to submit final thesis documents.


  • Upload the file that contains the final thesis and appendices (maximum size for each file: 200 Mb).
  • Until a thesis has been validated (and within the submission period), there is no limit on how many times it can be uploaded. (Files will be overwritten, and there is no version control system. The thesis supervisor will receive a notification every time a file is modified.)
  • Once validated by the thesis supervisor, the documents are final.


  • Statement of originality: in the SUBMISSION section of ATENEA–final theses, students must accept the following statement of originality by marking the corresponding checkbox: “I hereby declare that the thesis is an original work and that the sources consulted are cited in the references section”. You must accept the statement of originality before your thesis can be validated, and this step must be completed for your thesis to be assessed. More information: procedure for preventing plagiarism.


  • No personal details, other than the full names of the student and the supervisors of the final thesis, may be provided (in application of the General Data Protection Regulation).
  • Final theses and appendices must be submitted in PDF format so that they can be analysed by the UPC's anti-plagiarism system.
  • Any additional documents that are to be considered part of the final thesis may be submitted as compressed files.

Confidentiality of theses

A thesis may be deemed confidential because it is linked to a potential patent application or a later publication associated with the research field or because it is subject to specific confidentiality clauses established by the company at which the work is carried out. 


Application for a thesis to be declared confidential

Information about the procedure: To request that a final thesis be treated as confidential because it is linked to a potential patent application or a later publication associated with the research field.

Where to submit: Atenea-tfe

Person responsible for applying (may be):

  • The student when does the documental submission; (it needs the acceptance/rejection by the thesis supervisor when it is validating the submission documents)
  • The final thesis supervisor

Documentapplication for thesis to be declared confidential.


N.B.- DEADLINE:  before the end of the submission period for each thesis defence period. See the academic calendar.