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Other programs

If you wish to apply at EEBE as an exchange student, please bear in mind the following:

  • Your home university must have a bilateral agreement with EEBE or be a member of one of our international networks (CINDA, SMILE...). Otherwise, you could apply as a visiting student. Please, find out UPC regulations for this modality, here. The tuition fee for Bachelor degrees is around 148€/ECTS.

  • Please, ask your home coordinator to nominate you during the nomination period.

  •  Language requirements: English or Spanish proficiency (minimum B1) is required. 

    • If you are planning to take courses taught in English -> English B1 level.
    • If you are planning to take courses taught in Spanish -> Spanish B1 level.
    • If you are planning to mix courses taught in both languages -> English & Spanish B1 level.

The level of English and/or Spanish has to be declared by the home university during the student’s nominationThis declaration is enough to fulfil the language requirements.  

DEADLINES 2024-2025

        Autumn semester & full year                                  Spring semester                                 
Nomination period         From 1 to 30 April.           From 1 to 31October.
Application period         From 1 to 31 May.           From 5 to 30 November.


STEP 1: Filling in the Learning Agreement

  • Find out the courses from our course catalogue
  • Check the academic level of the course and the teaching language.
  • We highly recommend not taking more than 30 ECTS.  
  • Fill in the Learning Agreement
  • Make it sign by your home coordinator.

STEP 2: Getting the compulsory documents ready. 

STEP 3: Online Application.

  • Read carefully the application guide
  • Double check the compulsory documents and the learning agreement (be sure it is signed by your home coordinator).
  • Fill in the online application form and submit it before the deadline.

Please, don't submit your application until you get ready all the documents duly signed.



Your application will be evaluated by the International Office.

The confirmation of admission can take one month or more after the deadline.

In case of acceptance, we will send you back the learning agreement signed by our coordinator and the admission letter.

Plan your trip to Barcelona taking into account the academic calendar as well as other issues detailed here.

Non-EU students who come to study for more than three months must apply for a student visa at the Spanish embassy in their home country.