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Curriculum EEBE


Third Semester

Students taking the third semester at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, take all 4 courses mentioned hereafter, as well as one elective course.

General Courses Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

LanguageCodeCourseMT1SemesterInstructorTeaching GuideECTS
EN E900545 Wildland Fire Behavior and Modelling 2 sem 1 English 6
EN E900543 Risk and Vulnerability at the Wildland-Urban Interface 2 sem 1 English 6
EN E900541 Advanced Fire Safety Engineering 2 sem 1 English 6
EN E900539 Risk and Safety at the Chemical Industry 2 sem 1 PASTOR, ELSA English 6

Electives Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Subscribe to 6 credit units from the following list:

LanguageCodeCourseMT1SemesterInstructorTeaching GuideECTS
EN E900539 Computer Vision 2 sem 1 RODELLAR, JOSE JULIAN English 6
EN E900540 Data Analysis and Pattern Recognition 2 sem 1 BENITEZ, RAUL English 6
EN E900544 Technology Innovation 2 sem 1 OLIVELLA, JORDI English 6