Plan de estudios Hyset

The learning material of the parallel Specialization Tracks, in NTNU, UPC and TU/e, will be available to all the Year 2 students (independently if they are enrolled in NTNU, UPC or TU/e) to enlarge and complement their Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs).

YEAR 2 Semester 3 - UPC Specialization Track on:

  1. H2 production through catalytic reactors technologies
  2. Fuel cell systems engineering

EN 295EQ013 Chemical and catalytic reaction engineering Compulsory H2 production SOLER TURU, LLUÍS en 6
EN 295EQ132 Advanced catalytic reactors Compulsory H2 production SOLER, LLUÍS en 6
EN 295HY031 Low-temperature fuel cell systems engineering Compulsory Fuel cell systems HUSAR, ATTILA en 6
EN 295HY032 High-temperature Solid Oxide Cells Compulsory Fuel cell systems MORALES, MIGUEL en 6
EN 295II132 Renewable energy systems Elective VIDAL SEGUI, YOLANDA en 6
EN 295II133 Sustainable materials Elective ABT, TOBIAS MARTIN en 6
EN 295II134 Fuel Cells Elective JIMÉNEZ DIVINS, NÚRIA en 6
EN 295EQ033 Risk and Safety at the Chemical Industry Elective PASTOR, ELSA en 6
EN 295II024 Sustainability and circular Economy Elective GALLEGO PIÑOL, EVA en 6

Research-to-Business Challenge (semester 3)

The students groups in the three Y2 Universities will have to develop and discuss a Research-to-Business idea: this may include of course technical aspects, but especially entrepreneurships and business analysis elements learned during the Y1 workshops given by the Collège des Ingénieurs technological. The R2B challenge outcomes will be presented and jointly evaluated by a cross-sector (academics, industry), multidisciplinary and international board (including the 5 consortium partners and the 4 Industrial Associated Partners) during the Winter School. The R2B challenge will foster students’ creativity, develop their ability to work in team, to exploit multiple information sources beyond the lectures delivered to us and capacity to presents their results in front of an expert panel.


Every year The International Students Office (OMI) in UPC gives useful information and practical orientation to international students, providing guidance about the compulsory legal procedures international students must carry out depending on their nationality and situation.