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Find out about the services of the Diagonal Besòs Campus


Edifici A.jpg

Building A

Hosts teaching equipment -classrooms, laboratories and studyrooms-various research groups from diferents areas of engineering (biomedical, electrical, electronic and automatic industry, energy, materials, mechanical and chemical).
Edifici C.png

Building C

Hosts various  research groups in the fields of Energy, Materials and Nanotechnology . On the floor -1 hosts part of the Barcelona Research Center in Multiscale Science and Engineering
Edifici I.png

Building I

In building I we find various research groups working in the fields of Materials and Chemical Engineering.

Useful Information



When you join to the UPC you must register in Identitat Digital UPC. You will receive an email at the email address you have provided to join the UPC. In this email you will be informed of the UPC username and password. 

In the different online areas of the UPC, it is necessary to identify with this username and password. These credentials are used as identification  in access to the different online services of the UPC (digital identity, EDUROAM wifi...)

If you forget, you must contact UPCnet (ATIC) atic@upcnet.es , phone +34 93 401 62 13 or http://www.upcnet.es/atic





If your stay is longer than three months, you can request a UPC mailbox. The institutional communication channel is through the UPC mail. Its configuration is name.lastname@upc.edu. You need to check your mailbox regularly. 

Recently, public institutions have received numerous attacks on information systems, the UPC has implemented the double authentication factorWhat is it? How do you use it? (CAT)



UPC card. This is the physical identifier that accredits us as a member of the university community (students, PDI, PAS) or as a member of the UPC Group, it is digital and is available from the UPC App (in the case of visitors only can apply for stays longer than 3 months).

In addition, the UPC App incorporates other services depending on the group of membership: relevant notices and notifications, academic file, class and exam schedule, institutional mail, ...

Download the UPC App at:

Apple Store (obriu en una finestra nova)
Google Play (obriu en una finestra nova)

Any issues with access, the UPC Card or the provisional card, contact espais.eebe@upc.edu.


For visitors, if the stay is longer than 3 months, in the same email informing you of the user/password of the UPC, they will tell you how to start the request for your Card. To request and activate it you must:

  • Access MyID with UPC credentials.
  • Upload a photo in the space provided.
  • After a few days you will receive confirmation that the request has been successfully processed.

If you need to access the buildings or use the reproduction service, you will need an access card. In the case of visitors, for stays of less than 3 months, they will provide you with a provisional card that expires after 2 months and that you must return at the end of the stay, if the stay is between 2 and 3 months you must notify Espais EEBE in advance to extend access permits until the deadline.


How to request the access card?

  • To obtain the card it is necessary to have the photograph. If you do not have this information, you can do so by accessing Digital Identity. MyID.
  • You can apply for the card by accessing gClauer and within approximately one week, you will receive it at your workplace.
  • Visitors can make the request by contacting a User Service Point.
  • If you need the card immediately, the Customer Service Center can provide you with a temporary access card.




EDUROAM - UPC wireless network. Connect to the Internet through UPC wifi.














To be able to access the different spaces of the Diagonal Besòs Campus, offices, buildings, laboratories, etc. you will need a key or to activate access that is controlled by a card reader, your UPC tutor must request it from Espais EEBE through the following  online form .






Website where you can easily find any information, either about the studies offered, the research that is done at the Diagonal Besòs Campus and the services provided in the EEBE.

You will find more information for your arrival at EEBE.