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Academic requirements: Students must have successfully completed a minimum number of the total credits required for their degree.
  • Bachelor's degrees: 162 ECTS credits
  • Master’s degrees (except AMASE): 30 ECTS credits
  • AMASE: 0 ECTS credits
  • incoming students: 0 ECTS scredits achieved
Teaching requirements: Students must have agreed the thesis supervision arrangements and the object of study with a professor.


A-School An academic staff member affiliated with the EEBE Optional
B-Company  Linked to the signing of an external placement agreement An academic staff member affiliated with the EEBE Company tutor

C-University mobility


Linked to a period of mobility and a preliminary credit recognition agreement

Mobility: Assistant director of International Relations (R. Benítez)

EEIGM (Bachelor's degree): EEBE coordinator for the programme (A. Mateo)


D-Company mobility


Linked to a period of mobility at a company abroad An academic staff member affiliated with the EEBE Company tutor

Comments re: co-supervision: 

In the following cases, the co-supervisor must be identified (full name and national identification number) so that this information is on record in the thesis registration.

  • When the co-supervisor is someone external to the UPC.
  • When the co-supervisor is from a different department than the thesis supervisor.

Where to apply:

Person responsible for providing the information: The student

Deadline: Upon registering the thesis, and before the registration is approved by the supervisor.

Final thesis registration procedure

Where to apply: e-Secretaria, “Projects”section

Deadline: See the final thesis calendar.

Objective: To complete the form with basic details concerning the final thesis, bearing in mind the information provided in the table above.

  • Degree
  • Description
  • Type: Select one of the options
  • Department: The thesis supervisor’s department
  • Thesis Supervisor
  • Co-supervisor (if applicable)
  • Secretary = the thesis supervisor.
  • Indicate whether the thesis is related to one to be completed by another student. If this is the case, please refer to the linked final thesis section before registering your thesis.


  • Students do not choose the chair or other members of the examination committee; indicate only the name of the thesis supervisor, the secretary and the co-supervisor (if applicable).
  • Information field: Do not exceed 900 characters (title, description and comments).
  • Registrations must be electronically approved by the thesis supervisor. (Students may not enrol for the thesis unless this step has been completed.)

 Linked thesis

Definition: Linked theses involve two or more students working together on a project. However, each student is required to complete their own individual thesis, which must be complete in itself and independent of the related works.

Objective: To link registration of the final theses of students who will work on the same subject under the supervision of the same professor(s).

Where to apply: e-Secretaria“projects” section (option: final thesis registration form).

Particularities of the registration procedure:

  • When the other student is enrolled in the same bachelor's degree, indicate their national identification number (DNI) on the final thesis registration form. The student concerned must accept the linking of the theses.


  • The final thesis is an individual work. Each student must complete a separate and distinct (unique) thesis, even though it is related to the thesis (or theses) completed by the other student(s) involved.
  • Each author must produce a complete thesis that focuses on the original part of their work.
  • Each student must complete the deposit procedure individually.
  • The students involved must enrol for the final thesis in the same semester of the same academic year and defend their theses in the same examination session.
  • All of the students involved must defend their theses in the same defence session.

Changes to registration details

Objective: To request the modification of final thesis registration details for theses that have been approved (and for which the student may have already enrolled).

Type of changes:

  • A change of title (whether the student has enrolled to defend their thesis in the ordinary session or the extension session, or has not yet enrolled).
  • A change of thesis topic, provided that the supervisor remains the same. (This is only possible before the end of the deposit period for the ordinary defence session, or if the student has not yet enrolled for the final thesis.)

Person responsible for applying: The final thesis supervisor (using their institutional e-mail address/UPC credentials).

Deadline: Before the start of the deposit period for the ordinary defence session. More information: See the final thesis calendar.

email: . Minimum details to include:

  • Personal details of the student (full name and national identification number if known).
  • Current title of the thesis.
  • New title of the final thesis
  • New description of the thesis.
  • If there have been any changes to project roles (co-supervisors), please provide the relevant details.  
Comments: Prior to the approval of the thesis registration by the supervisor, students may make changes directly in the e-Secretaria (thesis status = "Registered by the student").

    Withdrawal from a registered final thesis

    Objective: To enable a student and their thesis supervisor to withdraw from the commitment to complete/supervise a registered final thesis..

    Requirement: The status of the thesis may not be "Enrolled" or "Assessed".


    • Requirement: The student must contact their current thesis supervisor to agree their withdrawal from the final thesis before submitting a request.
    • Person responsible for applying: the supervisor of the final thesis (using their UPC institutional e-mail address/credentials)
    • email:  The thesis supervisor must identify the student and confirm their acceptance of the withdrawal request..
    Comments: Once the final thesis has been de-registered, the student will be able to complete a new thesis registration.


    Information: If the final thesis has been assessed and given a mark of “Absent” or "Fail", the thesis will be de-registered and the student will have to complete a new thesis registration.

    Reference: Section 6.8 of the EEBE Regulations for Bachelor's and Master's Theses.