Vés al contingut (premeu Retorn)

Calendar and requiered documents for the enrolment (students previously enrolled)



Enrolment calendar

Available subjects:

  • The possible available range of subjects to enrol will be displayed after 6 of February at 14.00h on e-secretaria.
  • You will must enroll all those subjects that you have failed below 4, not attended or not enrolled in previous semesters, acoording the  Academic Regulations.

Online enrolment turn:

  • You will be able to check your online enrolment turn on e-Secretaria_"Enrolment/ Enrolment conditions" after 6 of February at 14h. The deadline to enrol the choosen subjects is 10th of February at 23.59 h.
  • If you don't see your online turn and you have been enroled before at EEBE you should contact to "Gestión Académica" at https://demana.upc.edu/gaeebe/


Master students previously enrolled at EEBE, will register online on e-Secretaria "automatrícula", on the following dates:


7th February (from the time indicated until 10 February at 23.59 h)

Enrolment on e-secretaria

Username & Password recovery or changes: Identitat Digital de la UPC.


Requiered documents

The requiered documents related to Tuition discounts  can be submitted to "Gestión Académica" at https://demana.upc.edu/gaeebe/ until 10 February 2023.

Orden SEPA