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TFG at a Company

The student who wishes to develop the TFG / TFM in a company, will be able to do it like:

  • Punctual stays (data collection, visits ...). It will be necessary to complete this document.

    The student will be in charge of processing the external signatures and handing it out to Academic Management.

  • Continuous stay and at a concret time and period.
    In this case an  educational cooperation agreement linked to the TFG or TFM registration must be processed. In case of TFM of 12 credits, the minimum duration of the agreement will be 360 hours and a maximum of 540 hours. In case of the TFG of 24, the minimum agreement will be 540h and maximum 1260h. Taking into account the accumulated hours of other practices in the same academic year, both of Master and Degree.

The tutoring of the practice will be linked to the development of the TFG and the tutor of the traineeship will be the same speaker that of the work. The evaluation will be the defense of work itself.