Vés al contingut (premeu Retorn)


  • It is public and it has two phases:
    • Presentation by the student of a summary of the TFG / TFM content. The time is fixed by the Committee Presidency and informs him/her previously (approximately lasts 30 minutes for TFG / TFM). In case of practical TFG work, the student's time limit may be 45 minutes.
    • Student defense related to questions that the Committee believes relevant.
  • TFG/TFM with more than a student must be presented and jointly defended and with the equivalent participation of each one of them.
  • If with the TFG the general competence of the 3rd language must be proven, the memory and the defense of the TFG must be done in a third language (only for the students that have acceded to the degree before the 2018/19 course).
  • The TFG / TFM carried out on a mobility basis will be defended at the university of destination, following its rules regarding management and presentation.
  • Avaluation:  
    • On the 10th October 2017 The Permanent Commission of the School Board approved an  indicative heading of assessment for the TFG/TFM committee. This heading is not compulsory but is recommended to take it into account during the development of the project and at the defense time. More information Documentation TFG/TFM.
    • According to academic regulations of TFG and TFM of the center, the director of TFG/TFM should deliver to the Committee Avaluation President a  written report with his/her valuation of the student developed work. This document should be attached to TFG/TFM evaluation report.