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Project delivery

Online project delivery

The two project delivery are essential to consider the TFE project delivery

Administrative project delivery

Aplication: e-Secretaria, click at “projectes”

Goal: Fulfill the form with the Project data. Among other information, please indicate:

  • Language of the documentation/defense
  • Other data about TFE
  • Kind of work spread: at EEBE only use “Llicència CC Reconeixement – NoComercial – SenseObraDerivada (by-nc-nd)”. It can only not be authoritze the spread when the TFE is subject to confidenciality.

Note: at e-Secretaria you cannot attach any file.

Documental project delivery

Aplication: ATENEA-TFE, click at “lliurament”

Goal: project delivery the documentation of TFE.


  • Upload the file that contains the review and attachments of TFE (maximum size per file: 200 Mb).
  • While it’s not validated (within the project delivery period), the document can be uploaded as many times as you wish (its rewrited and there’s no control of versions – the director receives a note for each file modification).
  • Once validated by the director / by the TFE director, the documentation will be definitive.


  • No other personal data is needed but student’s name and surname and TFE director/s data (in application of the General Regulation of Data Protection).
  • The review and attachments of TFE must be delivered in ".pdf" in order to be  analitzed by UPC antiplag system.
  • If there is any additional documentation that must be included as part of the TFE, it can be delivered in compressed files.

Confidenciality Agreement

May be confidential the works for which you want to request a patent or that are subject to confidentiality clauses established by the company where the project was developed. In this case, the following documentation must be submitted:

  1. Request for declaration of confidentiality of academic work: when linked to the generation of a patent. The application must be motivated and must be signed by the author and the director. This application must be authorized by the management of the center.
  2. Confidentiality agreement: only when the agreement links the student / author and a company / entity. The document of the agreement originally signed by the parties, stamped by the company and by triplicate.

IMPORTANT: In case the TFE is confidential, the documents originally signed by the parties to Academic Management of the EEBE must be delivered (they cannot be uploaded to ATENEA-TFE!).