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How to make the Registration

You can only do it when you have 78 ECTS left (degree) and 90 ECTS left (master degree) or less to end up your studies.

Once the content of the project is agreed with your teacher, you should make the registration through  e-Secretaria.

  •  Modality A: just indicate the name of the UPC director and, if applicable, of the UPC co-director.
      • In the event that the co-director is from a different department than the director, please indicate his/her full name in the field "observations"
  •  Modalities B, C i D: you should indicate the name of the director (UPC staff with teaching at the School); the co-director data (ID and full name of external person), please indicate in the field "observations".


- Although it says "election of the Court", the student does not choose the members of the court; should only indicate the name of the Director and Co-Director, if applicable.

- Information fields have a limited character extension. Especially, in the "description" field, please not exceed 900 characters.


This registration must be validated electronically by the director of TFG or TFM (without this previous validation, you will not be able to enroll it).

Shared project

In case of a shared project, you should inform the corresponding field with DNI/NIE of the other student; in case to be shared between students from different degrees, both students should do a registration of TFG individually (with the same data) and indicate at "observations" field, the other student’s ID. 

TFG/TFM Modality

You can choose between different options
B-Company linked to an agreement of external practices signature
C-University Mobility linked to a mobility stay and pre-commitment of credit recognition
D-Company Mobility linked to a mobility stay at a company

How to modify the registration

While the registration is not validated by the director, you can make the changes directly to e-Secretaria.

If the registration has already been validated, the director must sign a modified registration form that you must submit to the Academic Management of the EEBE. This option can only be:

  • a variation of the degree (whether it is enrolled in an ordinary call, additional call or not enrolled)
  • a change of Project, only if the director stills the same (only in case that TFG it’s not being enrolled)

How to request unsubscribe from the registration

This option it can only be for unenrolled TFG/TFM but when it has been validate for the director, and only in case that a significant change is done in relation with the registered TFM/TFG (change of modality or change of director). 

You must request the unsubscription/termination of the validated Work by submitting the  TFG/TFM form to the Academic Management of the EEBE and formalize a new Work registration that will be validated by the director.

When to register

During the periods set at Calendar TFG/TFM.