Vés al contingut (premeu Retorn)

General organisation

Students who decide to begin the degree at the UPC may choose one of the following pathways:

Students who take the first year of the Bio/Nanomatherials pathway may complete the third semester at the UPC.

Mobility is compulsory, and students must take a semester at another of the universities in the consortium from the second year of the degree onwards.




  • If the degree was begun at the EEBE (UPC), two of the five pathways (1 and 2) may be taken.
  • Students who begin the degree at another university in the consortium in the second year may take pathways 1, 2 and 5 at other universities and complete them during the second year at the UPC.
  • Pathways 3 and 4 may only be taken at other universities in the consortium.

The ECTS credits indicated in the diagram correspond to ECTS credits for technical courses. In the first three semesters, it is also compulsory to take 12 ECTS credits for languages, which must be chosen in view of students' language level and the language used at the universities in the consortium: German (UdS), French (INPL), English (LTH) and Spanish and English (UPC).