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Ordinary enrollment

  • Requirements:
    • Degree: when you have a maximum of 12 ECTS left to end up your studies.
    • Master degree: when you have a maximum of 60 ECTS left to end up the Master (including the TFM ECTS).
  • You will be enrolled in the ordinary registration periods of each semester, with the TFG / TFM registered and accepted by the director.
  • Without TFG / TFM registered at the time of ordinary enrollment students wishing to make the defense within the current semester, will have to formalize the enrollment in person at the Academic Management of the EEBE with the authorization of the director of the work, during the days set for the "extraordinary enrollment" at Calendar TFG/TFM.

Additional enrollment

You can check the procedure Ampliació de Matrícula del TFG/TFM (additional enrollment)

  • If the deposit does not occur in ordinary periods, the student can request the additional call and deposit in the extraordinary period only paying the academic fees (see TFG/TFM Calendar).
  • If there is a substantial change in the content of the project, the additional registration can not be made.