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For professors: Creating and managing proposed final thesis topics

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Viewing/managing proposed topics

Creating a proposed topic

The general procedure for proposing and approving final thesis topics involves the following stages:


  1. Proposed thesis titles are entered by academic staff members affiliated with the EEBE. (N.B. See the section "Proposed thesis topic status".)
    • If the thesis can be completed in various languages, one of which is English, we recommend that staff publish information on the proposed thesis topic in English (so that it is easier for incoming mobility students to pick out).
  2. Publication of the proposed topic on the School's final thesis website.
  3. Registration of the proposed topic in the e-Secretaria by the EEBE student concerned.
  4. Approval of the thesis registration in PRISMA by the academic staff member who will supervise the thesis.

Once a registration has been approved, its status in the e-Secretaria will change to “Registered and accepted”. From that point on, students may enrol for the thesis, within the period indicated on the academic calendar, provided that they meet the final thesis enrolment requirements.

Managing proposed topics

Basic instructions:

To create a proposed topic, fill in the corresponding form. (Required fields are marked with an asterisk.) Take particular care when completing the following sections:

  • Number of students: Theses are usually completed individually, so the default option is "1". This field is intended specifically for linked theses (where the students involved are properly identified).
  • Type: this will always be "University". If a final thesis has been carried out at a company, there must be a work placement agreement or a specific in-company placement agreement  (further information).
  • Publication date: Must be specified.
  • Expiration date: By default, the date that appears will be one year from the publication date, but professors may change this and set any expiration date they deem appropriate.

Status of the proposed topic

  • By default, the status of any proposed thesis topic created is PROPOSED.
  • To make topics visible to students, the academic staff member must PUBLISH THE PROPOSED TOPIC.
  • For proposed topics that have been published, the following actions can be taken:


CANCEL Visible only to the author

To move the topic to drafts (i.e. change its status back to “proposed”).


Visible only to the author

To publish the proposed topic.


Visible only to the author
  • The proposed topic must be edited and the expiration date changed.

  • To republish a proposed topic, the publication and expiration dates must be changed.